sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2018

o livro mais marado da CCC de 2018!!!!


1818: first edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

2018: many horrific applications of technology (social network for example with their push to have people volunteering their time and creativity for their IT business purpose, they are represented in the book by, not to mention the applications of technology like breakcore and the other musical sub-style, or the society of spectacle created monster Bally Corgan).

6th April 2018 @ Rauchhaus, Berlin - release of this monster-book:

Frankenstein, or the 8 Bit Prometheus
micro-literature, hyper-mashup, Sonic Belligeranza records 17th anniversary 
Riccardo Balli

Volume +06 of THISCOvery CCChannel collection published by Chili Com Carne and Thisco140p. b/w with illustrations and photographs. Full color cover. IN ENGLISH. Cover art, illustrations & design by Rudolfo.

buy @ Chili Com Carne online store and soon at Galleria Più (Italy), Tasca Mastai (Lisboa),...


After having whistled quite a number of 8-bit versions of famous pop songs, and delighted his ears with chip-tune covers of black metal and classical music, Riccardo Balli thought it was about time to extend micro-music aesthetics to literature, and remix Mary Shelley's classic accordingly. 

Through some sort of low-resolution séance, the author evoked the spirit of corpse reviver Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), credited for having inspired The Modern Prometheus. Aldini tells a compressed version of the original Frankenstein, exposing its language to retro-gaming jargon and simplifying the plot as if it were an arcade game.

The aforementioned 18th-century electrifier was the nephew of eminent Bolognese scientist Luigi Galvani. Also from MIDIevil Bologna is DJ Balli's electronic music label Sonic Belligeranza, whose 17 years of existence (2000-2017) this volume celebrates with 17 texts that explore the multitude of contradictory sounds constituting the corpse of this Sonic Frankenstein.

Send him an impulse from your Game-Boy! BLEEEEEEEEEEEP! 


DJ Balli (1972) is a DJ/ producer, and founder of the label Sonic Belligeranza.
A true fundamentalist of Breakcore since year zero of this non-genre of music, as the style was getting more and more codified, he progressively tried to personify its attitude and even bring it outside of audio realms. Hence following the motto of M(C)ary Shell8Bit "Every cacophony is possible, infect the Underground!", the creation in his lab a la Bolognese of Sound Monsters such as skateboard-noise, gangsta-opera and his infamous poetry readings pretending to be Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins.
Riccardo Balli is also active as a writer: Anche Tu Astronauta (1998), Apocalypso Disco (2013), Frankenstein Goes to Holocaust (2016), all in Italian, this is his first full-length book in English.

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