domingo, 18 de junho de 2006

Suffocated by Semen

Autopsy Protocol (CD'02; Brain Infection)

The heading of this "post" drawee to the Holocausto scholars Cannibal, is more or less as I feel myself after hearing this Autopsy Protocol (that the friend Pablo of Hills Bar gave to me to know *). I walked years to say that of Spain beyond "nor good wind nor good marriage" (lie, taste very of the Spaniard) still for top (this yes) they did not have skill bands. During years I heard each bosta was in the areas of the Rock, Indie, Goth and in the Death Metal what I heard he was even bad! Yes, Death Metal that had to be a thing that nobody could fail given to the cacophony yet they did!
E now, appraises me this Autopsy Protocol with its Gaba-Noise, Grind Iconoclash and everything what it would be normal to make in the times of today with the technology that exists - already they had repaired that although terms all access the sonorous technology, we use all in the same way, or either, for harmonious sounds, calm and melódicos? Well these types not, beats Tekno, Death guitars Metal, Black voices Metal (also), samples of popular sounds, noise and more noise because detrás of that likeable aspect of the machines they can be esventradas and to show to its vísceras of pipes, wires and Chips.**

Qualidade numérica: 4,3/5 Objectivo pós-audição: para passar no Industrial XXX e festas Breakcore!!!

*Obrigado! Ele é que fazia anos e quem levou com uma (bela) prenda fui eu!!!
**Obrigado Babelfish por translating meu text de Portuguese to esta shit!

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