terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2007

gpkh0i9«ç, dg'0 -b nfn n

New York New York
(Osama rmx)

Start spreading the bombs...
I'm flying today.
I want to be a terrorist!
New York, New York!

These vagabond fools
will regret this day
I will strike the very heart of this
of old New York!

I want to take off in a silver cockpit
And find I'm over the hills!
Top of the speed!
Hitting the towers!
The number one!

These vagabonds fools
Are melting away
I will make a brand new mess of it
In old New York...

And if I can't make it there,
seven others are near somewhere
Good bye to you,
New... York... NEW YOOOORK!

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